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Advertising news

Slopes will be leased. Capital mayoralty has invented new advertising format

Slopes will be leasedBy the end of year in Moscow advertising unusually sizable designs can appear. The mayor of Moscow Jury Luzhkov signed the order according to which the government of city should develop positions of competition on placement on slopes and road slopes elements of decorative registration and the outdoor advertising the area up to 10 000 sq.m.

The mayor as usually, has acted pragmatically - to save city money and at the same time to think up new advertising designs. New advertising designs will exceed four times the largest carriers already existing in Moscow. For example, the area of a firewall on hotel Moscow is 2500 sq.m.
While officials did not define how many in Moscow roadside slopes and slopes on which it is possible to place advertising.

Some experts doubt, that the city will manage to get many means from operation of huge advertising carriers. Notwithstanding that advertising on the huge firewalls established nowadays costs some tens thousand dollars per one the month, hardly new designs will be popular.

Source: Vedomosti

Advertising on TVS: opinions of experts

Advertising on TVS: opinions of expertsRatings are as at the leader, incomes are as at the outsider.
TVS is the paradoxical phenomenon in the advertising market. On the one hand, according to agency Gallup AdFact, the channel had rather high rating, which is stably growing. As a whole in Russia last year TVS took the fifth place (ahead were ORT, RTR, NTV and STS), and in Moscow, on the data on the end of March, - on the fourth, outstripping STS.

On the other hand, by expert estimations, advertising incomes of TVS were non-comparable to incomes of other leaders. For example, in 2002 ORT earned about 290 million dollars, RTR - 190 million dollars, NTV - 160 million dollars, STS - 55 million dollars. Incomes of TVS for six months from the beginning of work of the channel made about 11 million dollars. About third of this sum was collected in the Moscow market.

Estimating the further development of events, participants of the advertising market disagree. Mass outcome of advertisers will hardly begin from the channel: too much, absence of official procedure of bankruptcy, in particular, says that the situation soon should be resolved for the benefit of one of groupings struggling for the channel.

It can lead to a landslide leaving of advertisers from the channel. Channel will lose its face. Outflow of advertising budgets will take place without dependence from what part of an audience will lose TVS because of switching-off.

But experts agree that even if the channel is completely disconnected in Moscow, losses of advertisers will not be great. In large advertising agencies they understand that TVS is in a zone of risk, and some months they do not make advance payments of advertising time for the big terms.

Source: Kommersant

Russia is on the third place in a piracy rating

Russia is on the third place in a piracy ratingVietnam where the share of piracy programs makes 95 % remains the leader in use of the counterfeit computer software (CS) which is applied in commercial objectives. Such data are given in the report published on Tuesday by organization Business software alliance - the international association of software producers to business purpose. According to experts the second place takes China (92%), and Russia, Ukraine and Indonesia (89%) divide the third place. In 1994, experts consider, about 95% of computer business - appendices in the Russian market were counterfeit. As a whole, in the world the share used with commercial objectives CS programs Microsoft office and AutoCARD for architects and designers, was reduced from 49% in 1994 to 39% - in 2002. However losses of software producers from activity of pirates only for 2001-2002 years increased from 10.97 billion to 13.08 billion. The basic way of illegal use of commercial ON remains purchase of one legal copy of the program and its subsequent illegal installation on several computers.

Source: Financial News

Russians have not noticed their wealth

Russians have not noticed their wealthNumber of the Russians living below the breadline has reduced to 8 million people for past year. However, in opinion of experts to speed up rates of reduction of amount of deprived Russians it is necessary to execute a number of the complex measures including a policy of restraint of the prices, and also reform of system of social protection the population of Russia.

At the end of May State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation informed that number of the Russians living below the breadline decreased for the last year almost on 8 million people - from 45 to 37,2 million people. It means that now "only" each fourth in our country has incomes less than 2000 roubles in one month (living wage). This achievement, still modest (the number of the poor population still is very great in comparison with the western countries), allows economists to speak about the certain progress. However process of "enrichment" does not go as quickly as it would be desirable. And in many respects because the cost of a consumer's basket grows faster than wages. To speed up process of reduction of a share of the poor population, it is necessary to pursue a policy of restraint of the prices, not giving to rise in price to a consumer's basket and also to pave the way for reforming system of social protection.

The living wage authorized by the government of the Russian Federation, in the first quarter 2003 made 2047 roubles, that is 8% more, than it was in the fourth quarter of 2002.

Nevertheless, if to estimate "riches" of Russians concerning this low level, really, it is possible to speak about appreciable improvement of a situation with poverty. "Appreciable reduction of number of poor people in Russia is the result of a spent policy of incomes, - Sergey Nikolaenko, the head of the sector of the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) told RBC daily. - It consists of increase of wages and its equalizing after the crisis of 1998 to labour productivity. And though growth of wages while is observed basically in export focused branches, it is visible that similar processes go also in other segments of industry". In many respects due to this for the first time during 11 years in Russia the minimal parameter of number of the poor population was achieves. The parameter of number living below the breadline is getting reduced and that we have achieved a rod in 37,2 million people is the certain progress. Judge for yourself: in the first quarter of 2001 50 million people in Russia were poor, and in 2002 - 45 million. The fact that we could reduce this parameter to 8 million speaks about the planned tendency to its gradual reduction.

Source: RBC Daily

Advertisers have taken too great interest in sex

TinkoffMinistry of Anti-Exclusive Politics receives the huge amount of complaints of non-ethic advertising of beer "Tinkoff". Anti-Exclusive department started investigations.

As a RBC daily correspondent was informed in the Ministry of Anti-Exclusive politics and Business Development, department had dispatched letters on telechannels with the requirement to suspend advertising of beer "Tinkoff". Within several weeks MAEP will consider this spot on a ethic subject of its contents then, most likely, recognizes this advertising as inadequate. It becomes the first precedent of commercial removal from an air on ethical reasons. In opinion of experts, recognition of inadequate ambiguous advertising of "Alibi" ice cream can become the following case.

Today the use of "basic instinct" in advertising becomes the winning move for promotion of the goods. Experts say that they can not remember so frank advertising methods that have begun to be used more often recently. And the question is not only about underwear or, say, condoms. By means of the sexual implication even such, apparently, "neutral" goods are advertised, as ice cream. "In my opinion, it is more like a prelude to a porno film than a commercial for ice-cream", - the representative of large advertising agency told RBC daily. And as for beer "Tinkoff" advertising even authorities already have claims, informed RBC daily. In particular, to a spot with the "hint" of group sex - with two naked girls and the young man, having a rest on a yacht.

Source: RBC Daily

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