Region-Media - Advertising agency for Russia's regions
Region-Media Advertising agency
for Russia's regions


In the last few years manufacturers and wholesalers in Moscow and the Moscow district have found their market getting saturated. This, together with an increase in spending power in the regions, has made them turn their attention there.

We believe there are two efficient ways to bring product information to regional firms and consumers:

  • advertising in the local press;
  • advertising in specialized publications with targeted distribution in Russia's regions.


Why the press?

The press has existed for a long time and has several advantages:

  1. Everyone reads it (well, nearly everyone).
  2. People buy it to read it.
  3. You can't press a button and turn off a newspaper ad.
  4. Its audiences are defined by sex, profession, social class, political leanings and so on.
  5. It has a higher hit rate than other forms of advertising.

We could carry on praising the virtues of the press, but each campaign needs its own planning. So here are a few words about what we offer:

  1. We work with the press in all of Russia and the former Soviet Union.
  2. We work with both newspapers and magazines.
  3. We can produce anything from classified ads to full-page ads, as well as advertising supplements and paid editorial.
  4. We can offer attractive discounts.
  5. We will supply samples of the publications carrying your ads.



Please note: Since advertising rates change constantly, we do not publish prices on this site. Please get in touch by fax or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ask for the current rates.