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Since July, 1 new rules of placement of outdoor advertising inure

Since July, 1 new rules of placement of outdoor advertising inureState Standard of Russia tried to limit influence of the outdoor advertising on sense organs and as a whole on health of drivers. New rules inure since July, first. The general requirements to place of advertising banners on roads for the first time are authorized. Henceforth boards with the information should not blind people to cover a way, traffic lights and traffic signs or to remind the last the outlines and colour scheme.

Along with the input of new rules advertising by running line and that issues sounds which can reach hearing not only of passers - by, but also drivers will disappear from the road sides. Henceforth carriers of the advertising information can not keep on one support and be in one section with traffic signs and traffic lights. Besides boards will not be placed on emergency - dangerous sites of roads, railway crossings, bridges, 25 meters from stops of routing vehicles, on pedestrian crossings and crossings of highways, and also on close distance from them.

Experts order to establish advertising designs with that calculation that the information settled down at height not less than two meters from the ground on highways. In city and rural buildings - not less than four and a half of meters. The distance from one banner to another is strictly determined now too. It should not be less than 75 meters within city boundaries and 150 - out its limits. And on each board it is necessarily required to specify the distributor and number of his phone.

Source: RFR.RU

Moscow AAs have acted as a united front in struggle for transparent pricing on regional TV channels

Moscow AAs have acted as a united front in struggle for transparent pricing on regional TV channelsMoscow advertising agencies actively working in the regional market held round table on the theme: "Principles and technique of work of local MASS-MEDIA with Moscow AAs". Capital advertisement makers for the first time was united and decided to act as a united front in struggle for transparent price conditions advertising placement on local TV channels.

Now the most sore problem for advertising agencies is the use by channels double pricing: for "local" and "Moscow" advertisers. Regional channels more and more refuse capital AAs to place on "local" conditions even if the question is advertising the regional company. At the same time the customers advancing national brands in the Russian regions and who have received in evasion of capital AAs conditions under "local" quotations, accuse agencies of deliberate overestimating the prices.

Participants of the meeting have made the decision together to make local MASS-MEDIA form precise and transparent tariffs for everyone. Thus, in opinion of advertisement makers, division of customers (brands) on local, Russian and international is quite pertinent. The main thing that these scales of charges were open and accessible to all participants of the market.

All the agencies - participants of "the round table" took obligations in work with the regional partners to explain necessity of uniform principles of work and benefit of these principles, first of all, for local TV channels.

Source: Regional Advertising Federation

Advertising leaves the Internet

Advertising leaves the InternetAccording to company Crain Communications which today published research about position of the advertising market of the USA in 2002, volumes of advertising in the Internet fell on 11.9 % in comparison with 2001. Thus TV, radio, magazines, newspapers faced with inflow of number of advertisers. Nowadays the Internet has 2.4 % of all advertising budgets of the American companies (2.8 % in 2001). TV (21 % of budgets) and newspapers (9.3 %) were the most popular with the advertisers of the USA in 2002. In total in 2002 publicity expense in the USA made $236 million 875 thousand - 2.4 % more than in 2001.

The first five of the largest advertisers of the USA are General Motors (manufacture of automobiles), AOL Time Warner (telecommunications, MASS MEDIA, show business and so forth), Procter&Gamble (cosmetics, household chemical goods and so forth), Pfizer (manufacture of medicines) and Ford Motor (manufacture of automobiles), informs Washington ProFile.

Source: IA News of Humanitarian Technologies

Abramovich bought Chelsea

Abramovich bought ChelseaRussian businessman Roman Abramovich became the owner of football club Chelsea, informs AR. Ken Bates, already the former owner of the club, sold Abramovich a control share holding of company Chelsea Village which enters and Chelsea.

R. Abramovich redeemed in total 84 million 908 thousand 506 shares that makes approximately 50,09 % of issued share capital of Chelsea Village - the parental company of the football club. Cost of the acquired package is 29,6 million pounds sterling (49,73 million dollars) . However, debts of the club exceed two times the sum spent by Abramovich. At the present moment debts of Chelsea make about 80 million pounds (134,4 million dollar), informs AR. Now the team which in the last season took the third place, prepares for games in Champion League.

As newspaper The Vedomosti marks growth of popularity of Chelsea began from 90th when the London club bought Ruuda Gullita well-known Dutch football player. In development of Chelsea and its infrastructures multi-mullions investments were made. On received from placement of eurobonds 75 million pounds sterling not only new stars were bought, but also the sports - entertaining complex including stadium Stamford Bridge reconstructed in 1998 (42 000 spectators - at the present moment the largest stadium in London), two hotels, four restaurants is constructed. "We are glad that have got one of the best clubs in Europe - we have enough resources and ambitions to develop and without that huge potential of this great club", - declared Abramovich. Ken Bates is also pleased with the bargain who now remained without football club, but at the same time got rid of his debts. Now Abramovich is necessary to conduct club to tops which did not obey Chelsea already very long time. The club has not been the champion of England for a long time.

Source: RBC Daily

NTV is driven out from Byelorussia

NTV is driven out from ByelorussiaByelorussian office of the correspondent of broadcasting company NTV stops the work, Interfax transfers. The appropriate decision of Council of Ministers of the republic became known on Tuesday. The governmental decree will be published in the local press the next day.

Before it at the end of June head of Minsk office of the correspondent of NTV Paul Selin was offered to leave Byelorussia within 24 hours. Deportation was explained biased, in opinion of authorities, illumination of writer Vasily Bykov's funeral of.

So, in the reporting the correspondent informed that authorities of Byelorussia interfered with mourning ceremony. Then Selin was asked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic for explanations concerning the shown plot. Representatives of the Byelorussian Ministry of Internal Affairs declared that the journalist of NTV had broadcasted " false and provocative " the information and as Selin already had two warnings, and on the eve he got the third, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic deprived him of the accreditation.

In Selin' passport record that he is deported without the right of entrance to Byelorussia within five years was made.

Not wished to name himself the representative of high rank of the Russian government declared in interview to news agency: " In the government of the Russian Federation on the given decision of the Byelorussian authorities is commented as follows: as practice shows, such actions do not solve problems, but only aggravate them".

"Once again Byelorussia goes not on the way of resolution of problems, and on the way of the aggravation of present problems", - he considers.

Source: LENTA.RU

Aeroflot carries out tender. The oldest Russian airline changes positioning and will carry out competition on creation of new advertising concept

Aeroflot carries out tenderOpen Society "Aeroflot - Russian airlines" will carry out open competition among Russian and international advertising agencies on creation of the concept new advertising - image and realization of a scale advertising campaign. It will start at the end of 2003, will be continued the next year and becomes the important stage in the two-year-old project of Aeroflot re-branding. New values of Aeroflot's brand will find the reflection in creative decisions which will be considered and authorized within the framework of spent competition.

The information on realization of competition was published in the central press and on the Internet - site of Aeroflot ( To the final stage are admitted and have confirmed participation 10 agencies being members of the Russian Association of Advertising Agencies and included in ten of the largest publicity agents of Russia on Turnover on results of 2002.

The basic purpose of the future advertising campaign is positioning change of Aeroflot. The airline is promptly changing and is interested in that these changes were adequately perceived by passengers and the market.

Aeroflot has not carried out large-scale advertising - image campaigns within last five years. For this time in airline there were serious changes - the control system has changed, volumes of manufacture have grown, the amount of passengers transported in year has increased, practically the network of routes completely is reconstructed, the plane park has replenished with modern airliners. All these changes also have found the reflection in the new Aeroflot brand contents, and will be submitted to public with the beginning of the advertising campaign.

Source: Outdoor. Ru

Original go has shown "Nemiroff" in Russian market

Original go has shown Nemiroff in Russian marketUkrainian company "Nemiroff" has occupied the most sweet niche in the Russian alcoholic market. In the near future in the Moscow shops new "honey" vodka "Zhitnyaya with honey" will appear. For Russian manufacturers to create vodka on the basis of honey GOST forbids. In Russia the company is ready to spend for advertising of new products about 5 million.

Massed advertising campaign for pickled pepper "Nemiroff" soon will be replaced by advertising of product closer to vodka - low alcohol cocktail which manufacture Ukrainian vodka company plans to begin already in autumn. For start of new production the special industrial line with capacity of 24 thousand bottles an hour has already been purchased. More full information on a novelty is not disclosed yet.

Similar tactics of the Russian manufacturers in this respect while was non-risk. Advertising for low alcohol analogues quite replaced advertising for the strongest alcoholic product. And appearing new brands on the market, on which "Nemiroff" stakes the same, as in due time on "Honey with pepper", will demand not less scale advertising investments. For "Honey with pepper" promotion the Ukrainian manufacturer spent about 5 million As it became known to "Stolitsnaya", not less impressive sum "Nemiroff" is ready to spend for new products advertising, basic of which becomes "Zhitnyaya with honey". "This gorilka, drawn on rye dried crust, with some drops of cognac, is designed exclusively for gourmets", - manager on public relations of "Nemiroff" Paul Kucher is sure.

However, to win Russian market "Nemiroff" allow not only big money, but also precisely chosen niche in which it practically does not have competitors. As to the Russian manufacturers to create vodka on the basis of honey GOST forbids. "Honey is an aggressive material which strongly influences taste and a smell of a product, - said deputy director of Open Company "Seasons" Alexander Aslanyan. - With it it is difficult to develop a recipe. Honey which just have got from a beehive, considerably differs from honey which already has stood, and these changes can both improve and to worsen taste of an end-product. Large Russian manufacturers, professionals of vodka business, do not make vodka with honey".


Audience was measured in court. Russian Gallup is deprived with its brand

Audience was measured in court. Russian Gallup is deprived with its brandThe Moscow district federal arbitration court made the decision according to which companies TNS Gallup Media and TNS Gallup Ad Fact would be compelled to remove word "Gallup" from the names. Before elections to the State Duma, the tender forthcoming by autumn on measurement of the Russian teleaudience and formation of advertising budgets for the next year this decision can appear extremely significant. The most untwist and authoritative brand can disappear from the market. At least, leading experts in sphere of advertising and the MASS-MEDIA tried to predict everything yesterday, that would change in the market of media surveys on which TNS Gallup Media and TNS Gallup Ad Fact till now were absolute favorites.

The decision of the Moscow district federal arbitration court enables claimant - American company Gallup Organization to submit the application for registration in Rospatent and to start to work in the Russian market under the name. Yesterday in the company they confirmed that they had considered such an opportunity. As soon as it will take place, TNS Gallup Media and TNS Gallup Ad Fact have to remove disputable brand from the names. Brand which in Russia always associated with qualitative and full to researches media-and the advertising market. On the basis of the data given by these companies the majority of advertising budgets or advertising strategy in MASS-MEDIA are formed.

Source: Kommersant

"Falling" of "Yandex"

Falling of YandexIn the middle of day the largest domestic search portal "Yandex" ceased to function. During approximately half an hour it made no signs of life, and still two - three hours some its section did not work. Population of Runet (on network slang - "falling") was extremely exasperated with the short-term switching-off of habitual service.

The reason of its failure was only technical breakage - internal router disconnected (the device managing the internet-traffic). On the informal version, "Yandex" did not find a reserve router, and it was necessary to wait, until breakage was repaired. The management of "Yandex" promised to arrange internal investigation " to find out how it in general might have been possible".

"Falling" of "Yandex" has touched a lot of people. For example, in The Vedomosti the switching-off of the portal was noticed almost by all journalists. In other companies too. Anyway, messages like "What happened to "Yandex"? came across on many internet-forums, devoted to the most different themes yesterday. By the most modest estimations, the number of users of Runet is about 6 million people. More optimistical researchers name figures about 11 - 12 million thus, according to fund "Public opinion", more than half users of Runet regularly visit "Yandex". It turns out, that failure of the portal is comparable on scale of consequences to failure in a network of the capital cellular operator (by the way, as well as in known cases with "falling" networks of "VympelCom" and "Mobile Telesystems", in all cases insufficient reservation is guilty). Certainly, the free-of-charge search portal does not bear the same responsibility before the users that cellular operators. However it seems that "Yandex" will be compelled to undertake such responsibility voluntary and seriously to spent money for reserve engineering. The portal is terribly interested in visitors - it lives due to display of internet-advertising. It does not want image of unreliable service. You see competitors are on "one clique of mouse "distance.

Source: Vedomosti

Patriarch Aleksy II and minister of culture Mikhail Shvydkoy discussed projects of creation of TV serials, dedicated to ROC

Patriarch Aleksy IIAt the taking place on meeting of patriarch Moskovskiy and Russia Aleksy II and minister of culture of RF Mikhail Shvydkoy the projects of the creation of the multiple series of TV films were discussed, which would tell about the history of Russian Orthodox Church, reports RIA "News".

The history of the Russian Orthodox Church /ROC/ is inseparably connected with the history of the state of Russian", emphasized, coming forward before the journalists, Aleksy II. He noted that at present young people still insufficiently know the history of its fatherland and, all the more, the history of Russian Orthodox Church. To fill this gap planned TV serials must.

As minister of culture of Russian Federation Mikhail Shvydkoy reported the discussion deals with the project of the creation of 10- series tape "history of Russian Orthodox Church", which will be achieved together with UNIT VECTOR the second project, 5- series film "pilgrimage into the eternal city", dedicated to the centuries-old history of the pilgrimage of Russian people to Rome.

The third project, according to the minister, will include the "psychological portraits of the metropolitans of Russian Orthodox Church". Shvydkoy confirmed the words of patriarch that the history of Russian Orthodox Church is the history of Russia, and to the acquaintance of Russians with this history these projects will be dedicated. At the meeting director Sergey Miroshnichenko was present, who will make 10- series film about the history of Russian Orthodox Church.

Source: IA "News of Humanitarian Technologies"

Political Campaigning in Russia to Pick up Speed. Russian Ministry of Antimonopoly Policy Has Resolved to Break Off the Case Concerning the Illegal Use of the Nizoral Trademark. Ukraine Has Protected the Brand PepsiCo.

Political Campaigning in Russia to Pick up SpeedIt is expected that on September 1 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin will sign a Decree specifying the Election Day for the Russian Federation Duma. Pursuant to acting legislation, any campaigning by the political parties in mass media will be prohibited from now until November 7. Restrictions on other kinds of political advertising will also be introduced. For example, in the period after the final legislation takes effect and until the formation of an electoral fund a party can carry out no campaigning at all. This period may last several weeks. However, it does not mean that the parties and the individual candidates will ignore their electorate during this period. It is well known that prohibiting something just challenges sharp minds to find a way around it.

Apart from the staunch supporters of this or that party and opponents of the very idea of taking part in the election, sociologists claim that currently about 20% of RussiaТs electorate intend to come to the polling stations on December 7 but are still uncertain who they will vote for. This situation may encourage many political parties to look for all-available loopholes in order to win over the potential electors, and at the same time not to lose those who are already planning to vote for them. There are more than enough opportunities for the parties to show their worth even while campaigning is restricted, provided, of course, they have sufficient resources.

Strange advertisement. "Food products" gave name of hero of Kitekat rollers to cat fodder

Strange advertisementRinat Sagdiyev

The producer of hen semifinished products company "Food products" prepares to come to the market with the stern for domestic animals. The new production of company is called "Tomcat Boris" - this name bears the character of the Russian advertisement of fodder Kitekat by the American Mars. Company "Food products" was created in 1994. It has two plants for the frozen hen semifinished products and canned foods under brand "Gold cockerel" in Kaliningrad and meat combines in the Krasnodar area and the Moscow area. By the end of 2003 it plans to put into operation the third plant in Kaliningrad. In 2002 the turnover of the company made $48 million, this year the increase to $63 million is expected. The controlling interest of company owns its managers - citizens of Croatia, 27,5% of actions belong to EBRR. According to the data of AccNielsen, the production of three producers of fodder for domestic animals - Mars, Nestle and Royal Canin occupies in Russia 84% market by the volume of sales and 86% on the cost. According to the estimations of "KOMKON", the owners of cats prefer brands of stern Mars (Kitekat - 53% of buyers, Whiskas - 41%) and Nestle (Friskies - 24%). As director on marketing of "Food products" Kiseleva Polina stated to The Vedomosti, the company conducted market research on the stern for domestic animals, developed project and now it is examining the possibility of positioning the order on one of the Russian enterprises. Under the new project the company already registered trade mark - "Tomcat Boris", which on the site of company already is in the list of the production, offered to the realization. But product itself - stern for the cats - the company does not have yet.

Source: Vedomosti