Region-Media - Advertising agency for Russia's regions
Region-Media Advertising agency
for Russia's regions


Region-Media has been working in regional advertising since 1993. It has broad experience with various forms of advertising: in the press, radio and TV, as well as on billboards and public transport. With our network of regional reps, we can quickly create and carry out a high-quality, full-scale campaign in any region of Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Advertisers often need to broaden their reach into highly profitable regional markets, find dealers, provide retailer support, or boost a national advertising campaign in a particular region.


Typical reasons for deciding to carry out a regional campaign are:
  • It is hard to stand out in national media which are already full of advertising
  • The product is only on sale in certain towns, so there is no point in advertising elsewhere
  • Local media have high ratings and penetration compared to national media
  • A localized campaign has clear economic advantages
  • The ability to vary the campaign strategy and intensity in each town
  • Low cost and high flexibility of local compared with national media

Region-Media will help you identify suitable towns and districts, quickly devise a budget and media plan that meets your demands, and of course, place your ads.